SRINAGAR: Around 15 saffron exporters have registered with the Jammu and Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization for the virtual promotional event to increase export of saffron to be held in Consulate General of India in New York later this month.

The promotional virtual event is scheduled on November 18 at Consulate General of India in New York in association with JKTPO and US-India Strategic Partnership Forum.

The CGI in New York had written to the JKTPO in September this year, requesting information regarding Saffron exporters in J&K. “…We have been working to increase the exports of Indian Saffron in the US market…it is requested that reputed exporters of Saffron may kindly to connected to us so as to enable us link them to potential US importers,” read the official letter from the consulate general in New York to JKTPO.

“This would be a branding exercise for Indian saffron. A grower should have an exposure to buyers and possibilities,” managing director of JKTPO, Ankita Kar told ET. She said that they reached out to around 40 saffron farmers and exporters and around 15 have responded and registered for the event till now. The registrations for the event are still open. “We are finalizing the names that would speak during the event virtually. This exercise won’t stop here. We would try to engage with embassies and consulates in other parts of the world,” said Kar. JKTPO says they would be doing similar programs for other products as well.

The US based organization ‘Stand with Kashmir’ has however called for protests against the event, terming it as “an attempt to dispossess Kashmiris of their lives, land and livelihood.”

Saffron is one of the expensive spices in the world. Kashmir, produces 17 tonnes of the spice annually, and its price varies between Rs 1.6 lakh and Rs 3 lakh per kg, depending on the demand and crop produce. Iran is the biggest producer of saffron, accounting for about 90 per cent of total global production of about 300 tonnes.

“This year because of no rainfall, produce has reduced to almost half. It must have reduced to around 7 to 8 tonnes,” said Abdul Majid Wani, president of Saffron Farmer’s Association. The farmers also complained about the non-availability of irrigation water and adequate help from the government to enable good saffron harvest.

“We hope to fetch a good price this year as the sale starts in the spice park from November 12. I hope the price starts from above Rs two lakh per kg without packing,” said Wani. An average farmer manages to harvest around 800gms of saffron from one acre of land and if the farmer follows advisories and has proper irrigation facility the yield can be doubled.

“Many farmers have sold their land and others are least interested because of decreasing yield and less benefits compared to the amount of land involved in the farming,” said Wani.

News Source: Livemint


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