Shahid Kapoor shows off his biceps.

During the workout, Shahid Kapoor shows off his biceps.

02-May-2024, Thurs.

Shahid is seen sporting a sleeveless shirt, putting his sculpted arms on full display. The photo has generated buzz online, with fans praising his dedication to fitness.


Shahid is known for his commitment to staying in shape for his roles A fitness power couple moment! In a photo circulating online, Shahid Kapoor is raising eyebrows (and maybe a few other things) with his impressive biceps.


The picture captures Shahid during a joint workout session with his wife, Mira Rajput Kapoor. While details are fuzzy on who snapped the photo, some speculate it might be Mira herself, playfully capturing her husband’s mid-workout flex and this glimpse into his workout routine offers a peek at the hard work behind his physique.


This isn’t the first time Shahid and Mira have been spotted working out together. The couple is known for their healthy lifestyle and shared passion for fitness. This photo serves as another testament to their active partnership and inspires others to prioritize their well-being as a couple.

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