Delhi Car Showroom

Case of the Delhi car showroom firing.

13-05-2024, Mon.

In the case of the Delhi car showroom firing at the Fusion car showroom in Tilak Nagar, a significant development has unfolded with the arrest of Ketan, the primary shooter involved in the incident. 


Ketan, under interrogation, disclosed that he was directed by gangster Himanshu Bhai to carry out the shooting, accompanied by another unidentified accused who remains at large. The shooting, which occurred on a Monday evening, resulted in injuries to BJP functionary Vikas Tyagi and six others present at the showroom.


The second accused, who is Kolkata-born, has been a focal point of the investigation, with the Crime Branch and Special Cell teams actively seeking to apprehend this individual. The incident is believed to be part of an extortion scheme orchestrated by gangsters associated with Bhau’s gang, with demands of Rs 5 crore made to the showroom owner. The aftermath of the shooting revealed a chilling message left by two masked men at the showroom, implicating notorious gangsters Naveen Bali and Neeraj Faridpuriya, linked to the ‘Bhau gang’. Extortion demands totaling Rs 5 crores were made to the showroom owner and others from both local and international phone numbers, indicating a potential extortion attempt. 


The incident left seven individuals injured, including the showroom owner, Manoj Malik, and a local politician, causing panic among residents and shopkeepers in the area. The shooting incident has raised concerns among residents, with promises of enhanced security measures being discussed post the Lok Sabha elections. 


The ongoing investigation into this case highlights the complexities of criminal activities involving gang affiliations and extortion attempts, shedding light on the intricate web of criminal enterprises operating in the region. The capture of the Kolkata-born second accused will be a crucial step in unraveling the full extent of the conspiracy behind this violent incident.

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