ED moves Delhi HC seeking set aside of trial court bail order to Businessman Sanjay Rai.

ED moves Delhi HC seeking set aside of trial court bail order to Businessman Sanjay Rai.

03-June-2024, Mon.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has taken action by approaching the Delhi High Court to challenge the bail granted to businessman Sanjay Prakash Rai, also known as Sanjay Sherpuria, in a money laundering case.

This move comes after the Patiala House Court granted regular bail to Rai in the mentioned case. Rai was accused of deceiving individuals by falsely claiming close connections with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).The ED’s decision to contest the trial court’s bail order signifies their intent to challenge the release of Rai in the money laundering case. This legal maneuver highlights the agency’s commitment to pursuing the case against Rai and ensuring that justice is served. By seeking to set aside the bail granted by the trial court, the ED is actively engaging in the legal process to address the allegations and implications of the money laundering charges against Rai.


The involvement of the Delhi High Court in this matter adds a layer of judicial scrutiny to the proceedings, indicating a significant legal battle ahead regarding Rai’s bail status. The ED’s move underscores the gravity of the accusations against Rai and the agency’s determination to uphold the integrity of the legal system in matters of financial misconduct and money laundering. This development sheds light on the complexities and legal intricacies involved in cases of financial fraud and money laundering, emphasizing the importance of due process and the role of the judiciary in ensuring fair and just outcomes.


The ED’s decision to challenge the bail order underscores the seriousness with which such cases are handled and the agency’s commitment to upholding the rule of law in matters of financial crime. In conclusion, the ED’s decision to seek the setting aside of the trial court’s bail order for businessman Sanjay Rai in the money laundering case reflects a significant legal escalation in the ongoing proceedings, highlighting the agency’s dedication to pursuing justice and addressing financial misconduct allegations through the appropriate legal channels.

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