Party will determine my function, Eatala Rajender, a Telangana MP for the BJP, said.

Party will determine my function, Eatala Rajender, a Telangana MP.

10-Jun-2024, Mon.

Eatala Rajender, a senior BJP leader and Member of Parliament from Malkajgiri constituency in Telangana, has stated that the party will determine his function and role going forward.


Rajender, who recently joined the BJP after resigning from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party, was given the BJP ticket to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from Malkajgiri.

 He has vowed to develop the constituency in all spheres with the help of the next Modi government at the Centre.


Sources within the BJP indicate that the party’s national leadership has more or less cleared Rajender’s name for the position of Telangana BJP state president. This move is seen as an attempt by the BJP to attract support from the Backward Classes (BC) community in the state, as Rajender belongs to the Mudiraj community which is part of the BC category.Rajender has a long political career spanning over two decades. He has served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Kamalapur and Huzurabad constituencies between 2004-2023. 


He was the Finance Minister of Telangana from 2014-2018 and the Health Minister from 2019-2021 when he was with the TRS party.


Eatala Rajender, the BJP candidate for Malkajgiri, has made several key campaign promises for the constituency. These include:


  1. Development in All Areas: Rajender has vowed to develop the area in all spheres with the help of the next Modi Government at the Centre. He plans to achieve this through his “Eatala Sureties” which will be conjoined with the party’s manifesto and the Modi Government’s flagship development and welfare schemes.


  1. Unemployment and Skill Development: Unemployment is a significant challenge in the constituency. Rajender aims to ensure more skill development centers are opened to equip the youth with opportunities in new growth areas through the “Make in India” and “Made in India” schemes.


  1. Public Healthcare: He plans to increase the reach of the “Ayushman Bharat” medical insurance scheme and improve infrastructure facilities to alleviate the financial burden on citizens when a family member falls sick.


  1. Affordable Housing: Rajender has highlighted the issue of poor people unable to own a house due to steep property prices. He intends to ensure the BJP Government’s scheme of 2.37 lakh houses for the poor in Telangana is implemented in Malkajgiri.
  2. Infrastructure Improvement: He has emphasized the need to improve roads, sewerage networks, and public transport in the area to cater to the growing population.

These promises aim to address key issues in the Malkajgiri constituency and demonstrate Rajender’s commitment to development and welfare initiatives.

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