Pakistan: A car overturns in Sindh, leaving four policeman dead and three injured.

Pakistan: A car overturns in Sindh, 4 policeman dead.

01-Jul-2024, Mon.

Four policemen were killed and three others injured when their police mobile van overturned on the Indus Highway near Kandhkot in Sindh, Pakistan on Sunday.  

The accident occurred after the tie rod of the vehicle broke, causing the driver to lose control.  The speeding van then overturned and fell into a ditch.  The deceased were members of a senior superintendent of police (SSP) squad. According to reports, the police mobile van was on patrol when the incident occurred.  Rescue officials confirmed the deaths of the four policemen at the scene, while the three injured were shifted to a nearby hospital.  Two of the injured were said to be in critical condition. An investigation has been launched to determine if there was any negligence or wrongdoing that contributed to the accident.  Road accidents are a frequent occurrence in Pakistan due to factors like poorly maintained roads, disregard for traffic rules, and reckless driving. In a separate incident on the same day, seven picnickers were killed when their coaster van overturned near the Mauripur truck stand in Karachi.  The accident was attributed to the driver’s excessive speed. Additionally, three members of a family were killed in Sheikhupura when a speeding mini-truck hit their motorcycle.  The driver of the mini-truck fled the scene after the crash. These tragic accidents highlight the need for improved road safety measures and enforcement in Pakistan to prevent such devastating loss of life.

Authorities must address infrastructure issues, promote driver education, and ensure accountability to make the country’s roads safer for all users.

The injured policemen from the car accident in Sindh are receiving medical treatment at nearby hospitals. According to the search results:


  • The Sindh Police have an MOU with PNS Shifa hospital to provide better medical treatment and facilities to police personnel injured in gunshot wounds and road traffic accidents.
  • The Sindh Injured Persons Compulsory Medical Treatment (Amal Umer) Act of 2019 mandates that injured persons must be provided emergency medical treatment without delay, and they cannot be taken to a police station before receiving the necessary treatment.
  • In a separate incident, the Sindh Inspector General of Police visited an injured constable at Aga Khan Hospital to inquire about his health.

The search results indicate that the injured policemen are being treated at hospitals in accordance with the Sindh laws that prioritize providing immediate medical care to injured persons over other procedures. The police leadership is also ensuring the injured officers receive proper attention and treatment.

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