Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said 75% of covid-19 cases in the national capital were found to be either asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, adding that people will have to learn to live with the novel coronavirus.

The central government recently allowed states to treat asymptomatic patients or those with mild symptoms at their homes. Delhi has reported one of the highest number of cases in India with 6,923 patients and 73 deaths. At present, 4,781 people are active cases, while 2,069 have recovered.

“Senior citizens are being affected the most. They need to take the most precautions and continue to practise social distancing, sanitization and washing of hands. Of the positive cases, only 1,476 cases are in hospitals. The remaining are either cases with mild symptoms or asymptomatic. These cases are around 75%. The central government has now allowed for such patients to be treated at home,” Kejriwal told a digital press conference.

“Our team visits their house and sees the facilities. If social distancing is possible, then they can stay at home. Our team is in touch with them on a daily basis. Those people who don’t have such facilities, we have specialized covid health centres where patients are kept till they recover.”

Last week, Kejriwal said the lockdown should be lifted so that the economy can start functioning. Announcing the new set of relaxations, the CM said covid-19 was here to stay and people needed to take necessary precautions.

Though the lockdown has been extended till 17 May, Kejriwal urged migrant labourers to stay back. “This lockdown is going to end soon, and everything will be back on track. You will get employed again because everything will start running again. Please do not leave Delhi. But if you are stuck here and want to leave under any situation, we are arranging for trains,” Kejriwal said.

One train each from Delhi has already left for Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. On Sunday, buses were also arranged to take migrants back to Punjab.

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