Here are the key takeaways from the coronavirus data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) on Wednesday (July 8, 2020):

  • With a daily increase of 22,752 in total cases, India’s tally has risen from 719,665 to 742,417, an increase of 3.2%Death toll has reached 20,642, with 482 fatalities in a day. India is the third-most-affected country by total cases, and eighth by death toll.
  • The net increase in active cases reported across India is 5,387, compared with 6,270 on Tuesday. The states that have reported the biggest 24-hour jump in active cases are Maharashtra (1,614), Karnataka (912), Uttar Pradesh (796), Rajasthan (408), and Telangana (366).
  • With 16,883 new recoveries, India’s recovery rate has risen to 61.5% and death rate remains unchanged at 2.8%.
  • India’s new daily closed cases stand at 17,365 — 482 deaths and 16,883 recoveries. The share of deaths in total closed cases stands at 2.78%.
  • India’s 5-day moving average of daily rate of addition to total cases stands at 3.5%.
  • India’s doubling time for total cases has increased to 22.3 days, and that for active cases to 33.7 days. Doubling time for deaths, meanwhile, stands at 29.3 days.
  • The states and UTs that have seen their respective biggest single-day spikes in total cases are Uttar Pradesh (1,332), Gujarat (778), Rajasthan (716), Odisha (571), Kerala (272), Puducherry (128), and D&NH-D&D (108).
  • Overall, five states with the biggest 24-hour jump in total cases are Maharashtra (5,134), Tamil Nadu (3,616), Delhi (2,008), Telangana (1,879), and Karnataka (1,498).
  • Among states with more than 5,000 cases, the five with worst recovery rates at present are Karnataka (41.39%), Andhra Pradesh (45.97%), Maharashtra (54.60%), Kerala (58.57%), and Telangana (58.99%).
  • Five states with the highest test positivity rate (TPR) – percentage of tested people turning out to be positive for Covid-19 infection (by cumulative data for tests and cases) – are Telangana (22.05%), Maharashtra (18.82%), Delhi (15.13%), Gujarat (8.83%), and Tamil Nadu (8.39%).
  • Five states with the highest TPR by daily numbers for tests and cases added – are Telangana (30.21%), Odisha (22.85%), Maharashtra (19.63%), Puducherry (19.02%), and Gujarat (10.56%).
  • Five most affected states by total tally of cases are Maharashtra (217,121), Tamil Nadu (118,594), Delhi (102,831), Gujarat (37,550), and Uttar Pradesh (29,968).
  • Maharashtra, the most affected state overall, has for reported a net addition of 5,134 cases. Its total tally has reached 217,121, which is nearly 30% of all cases in India.
  • Tamil Nadu, which has reported a single-day jump of 3,616 cases, has added more than 3,000 cases on each of the past 12 days.
  • Delhi has added 2,008 cases to take its total to 102,831.
  • Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have seen a surge in cases lately. In the past 7 days alone, they have added 43%, 41%, and 31% of their respective total counts.

News Source: Business Standard


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