Delhi has seen a rise in the infection rate of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and the number of patients recovering has come down in nearly a week.

Data between May 30 to June 11 shows that the infection rate has increased by 21%, while the recovery rate has come down by 8%.

A total of 58,732 investigations were conducted in Delhi from June 1 to June 11. Of these 14,743 people were found to be infected, which pushed the infection rate in June to more than 25%.

The infection rate exceeded 35% for the first time in a single day on Thursday after report of 5,360 people came. Of these, 1,877 people were found infected or every third person who was investigated for Covid-19 in Delhi had contracted the respiratory disease.

Doctors say that these figures are worrying.

Dr Naval Kishore Vikram, a professor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), said the rapidly increasing infection rate can cause further difficulties in the coming years.

He added that if the number of investigations in Delhi is increased to 10,000, then the number of infected people will be very high.

“It will not be easy for us to have adequate health facilities for so many patients,” Vikram was quoted as saying by HT’s sister publication Hindustan.

There has been a rapid decline in the recovery rate in Delhi, according to data.

On May 30, 44% of the patients had recovered from Covid-19 but now the rate of recovery has come down even as the number of cases has increased. On June 11, patients recovering from the highly contagious infection remained just 36%.

A total of 18,549 cases were reported on May 30 and 8,075 were cured but on June 11, the number of infected almost doubled to 34,678, while only 12,731 people have been cured so far.

New Covid-19 infections crossed the 2,000-mark for the first time in Delhi and the death toll rose by 129, according to the Delhi government’s daily health bulletin on Friday. Both the numbers were at their highest for a single day.

The Capital now has 36,824 cases, up by 2,137 from the day before, and 1,214 deaths, which translates into a case fatality rate of 3.3%.

News Source: Hindustan Times


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