Mumbai: Hindustan Unilever Limited has roped in Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar as the brand ambassador of its malted beverage brand Horlicks. The company, which completed its acquisition of GSK Consumer NSE 4.85 % in April this year, said Akshay Kumar will represent the core values of the brand and encourage urban Indian adults to fight protein deficiency everyday.

“Indian diet sometimes may be insufficient to meet the RDAs of protein and what we need to create awareness for is that for every 1 kg of healthy body weight, one requires 1 g of protein every day. Protein deficiency in adults can lead to impaired immune system, hair fall, accumulation of fat and so on. There is a need for us to move to the next frontier in the battle for an optimal protein intake and the relaunch of Horlicks Protein Plus, our adult nutrition brand, is a step towards the initiative,” Sudhir Sitapati, Executive Director, Foods & Refreshment, HUL NSE 0.20 % said.

In December 2018, it was announced that GSK Consumer Healthcare will merge with HUL an all-stock deal, valuing the Indian unit of GSK at Rs 31,700 crore. Horlicks has over half the malted beverages market in India, and was acquired to help HUL’s focus in building a profitable and sustainable nutrition business in the country.

“Fitness is not something that you achieve by just getting to the gym and putting in hours of workout. A wholesome life is a combination of rest, a healthy mental state and eating right with it. Sadly, most people don’t have the right information about the diet they consume! For example, protein is thought of as just a body building supplement and the multiple other benefits of it are widely unknown,” said Akshay Kumar.

Source: Livemint


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