Arvi, a health-tech startup has launched contactless thermal scanning kiosks amid covid-19 pandemic. Arvi kiosks use AI technology with deep learning to combine facial recognition and thermal screening to detect persons with high temperatures as well as those violating requirements to wear masks.

Social distancing has become a new normal and everybody is after using contactless products for safety.

The thermal scanning kiosks have features such as temperature check, face mask detection, auto hand-sanitization, and attendance/access management. Arvi’s advanced kiosks also screen blood oxygen, pulse, and respiration rate in addition to temperature.

Unlike a temperature gun, which requires the physical presence of a security guard or an individual to record people’s temperature, artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled Arvi scanners require no human observation or intervention. These kiosks are the current need of the hour and can be used at the entry points of malls, corporate offices, banks, airports, schools, hospitals, etc.

Founded by the team of IIT Bombay engineers, the newly introduced products include four models namely, Arvi TX 55, TX 66, TX 77 and TX 99 models that come with a wide range of features.

Commenting on bringing the new product in the market, Mr. Sushant Reddy, Co-founder & CEO, Arvi, said, “Everything we did till February 2020 is set to change going forward. Companies, restaurants, housing societies, manufacturing plants need effective screening solutions. Our kiosks make screening experience both safe and simple for workplaces and commercial establishments with large walk-ins. By integrating facial recognition & advanced sensors, we have tried to leverage the best technologies in India’s fight against Covid19″.

Arvi TX-55 is a mini contactless thermal scanning terminal with facial recognition-based screening; thermal scanning and automatic face mask recognition facility. It also has a flexible tabletop or wall mounting.

The thermal scanners range from 60,000 to Rs1.25 lakh.

The temperature sensor has an accuracy of +/-0.2C. The operation range is between 15-42 C and screening time is 1 second. The products are designed and fabricated in India.

The face recognition facility comes with 8′ LCD screen, a 5 MP camera with 30 FPS video and advanced facial recognition software. The screening lock is simple and feasible. Cloud storage of up to 2 million screening records is available. Aerosol based sanitizer spray with a high 1200 ml capacity refillable tank is featured with these kiosks. The kiosks are portable with 5 feet 2-inch adjustable height.

Additionally, remote diagnosis of all kiosks is done every 24 hours.

Arvi is a platform offering solutions for senior citizens healthcare and has entered into this new segment of contactless thermal scanning Kiosks keeping in mind the current necessities of the global outbreak of covid-19.

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