Update on the Joshimath crisis: 4,000 people have been relocated to safer regions. An expert committee is now drafting a report, which will soon be delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office.

In order to assess the situation in Joshimath, representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Disaster Management Authority met with Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami. They stressed the importance of locating the location of underground water accumulation in the subsidence zone. Joshimath is thought to be where the water is accumulating under the ground in the affected area, although the source of the water has not yet been determined. A geological survey of the sites chosen for the evacuation of the affected individuals, according to the central team of officials, should be conducted.

In Joshimath, cracks were discovered in 68 additional homes. The administration has become aware notwithstanding the worry that permeates the populace regarding this. SS Sandhu, Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand emphasized that each and every minute matters. In order to keep people safe, Sandhu has ordered the authorities to expedite the process of evacuating them from their houses. The administration has begun distributing notifications throughout the neighborhood and urging residents to avoid the structures being torn down. However, many locals are still hesitant to leave their homes, which have been deemed dangerous in Joshimath due to soil subsidence.

More than 200 homes in the sinking town were marked with red crosses by the district administration as being unfit for habitation. It instructed their residents to either relocate to the temporary relief centers or rent housing, for which each family will receive support from the state of Rs. 4000 per month for the following six months government. According to a bulletin from the Disaster Management Authority, cracks occurred in 68 additional residences, bringing the total number of properties impacted by subsidence to 678, and 27 more families were evacuated to safety.




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