A Twitch streamer went one step further in her accomplishment of defeating Melania from Elden Ring using a dance pad. This time, she was using a controller at the same time.

Definitely one of the most challenging bosses ever designed for a video game is Elden Ring’s Melania. With Melania, gamers continue to test their abilities, which has led to the emergence of a full cast of heroes in the video game community. On that point, MissMikkaa once more defeated Melania twice in a stunning performance. Continue reading to learn more about her most recent triumph.

Melania of Elden Ring is defeated twice by MissMikkaa.

MissMikkaa, a Twitch streamer, used a PS5 DualSense Controller and a dance pad to concurrently defeat two distinct Malenias. This follows her earlier victory in which she defeated Melania using a dance pad in October of last year. She was taking part in an Ultimate Challenge Run this time, where she simultaneously used two separate controllers to play Elden Ring.

After 3 days and 199 attempts, MissMikkaa reports that she successfully killed Melania twice at once using a dance pad and a PS5 Dual Sense Controller. If her words alone still sound too impossible, watch this video of her in action.
This was another obstacle added to the seemingly never-ending list that players have been taking on in the titanic game which is Elden Ring. Numerous incredible speed runs have already been recorded, and Twitch streamers like MissMikkaa and Let Me Solo Her are becoming more popular. In any case, let’s see what else this game’s supporters can do.

Elden Ring is currently a Game of the Year, in another news winning streak. Elden Ring was named Game of the Year at the Steam 2022 Awards, which came after The Game Awards. For additional information, see our coverage right here.

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