In a repeat of Kerala-like animal cruelty, a pregnant cow’s jaw was severely injured after being fed wheat dough stuffed with firecrackers in Jhandutta area of Bilaspur district here.

The police on Saturday arrested a person for causing grievous injury to the domestic animal.

This comes days after a pregnant wild elephant was fed a fruit laden with explosives and died due to it later in Kerala.

The Jhandutta incident allegedly took place on May 26, but came to light on Saturday when the cow’s owner Gurdayal Singh uploaded a video of the injured bovine on social media.

The video soon went viral and people demanded strict action against the miscreants who fed firecrackers to the cow.

Gurdayal blamed one of his neighbours for the cruel act. He alleged that one Nand Lal had fed his cow the dough balls stuffed with firecrackers while the animal was grazing in the field.

Bilsapur superintendent of police (SP) Devakar Sharma said the cow was fed a highly explosive firecracker called the ‘aalu bomb’.

He said a case under Section 286 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act has been registered and the role of the main accused named by the cow’s owner and other people in the case is being investigated.

Wildlife officials said it was a common practice among farmers to keep firecrackers in dough balls to kill wild animals, mainly the blue bulls and wild boars, to protect their crops.

News Source: Hindustan Times


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