There is a stray cattle problem in Uttar Pradesh because people from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are letting loose their cows and buffaloes in the state, UP Minister Suresh Kumar Khanna claimed on Monday.

The state parliamentary affairs minister’s remark came after Congress’ Ajay Kumar Lallu in the Question Hour of the state assembly raised the matter of stray cattle in Uttar Pradesh.

Ajay Kumar Lallu also sought to know from the animal husbandry minister, Lakshmi Narayan Chaudhari, whether stray cattle was damaging crops.

To this, Chaudhari said such data is not compiled by his department.

Congress Legislative Party leader Aradhana Mishra Mona termed it an “irresponsible reply”.

“This in an important issue. Farmers are committing suicide as their crops are being damaged by stray cattle. This reply is irresponsible and the government should answer the member’s question,” Aradhana Mishra Mona said.

Suresh Kumar Khanna said the Yogi Adityanath government was serious on the issue and told the House about the construction of “Gauashray Sthals” and the fund released for it.

Suresh Kumar Khanna alleged that “from Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan stray cattle is being left here (in UP). Whatever arrangements we make, these cattles add to numbers (of cattle in UP) here.”

“Sarkar ko badnaam karne ke liye yahan par chhudwa rahe hain (They are letting loose their cattle here to defame the government,” Suresh Kumar Khanna said.

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh share borders with Uttar Pradesh.

Unsatisfied with the reply, Congress members walked out of the House, saying the government was “insensitive” towards farmers’ woes.

News Source: Press Trust of India


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