The Jammu and Kashmir administration on Tuesday quarantined the entire escort of Srinagar Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu after the brother of a police personnel tested positive for COVID-19. In a separate action, seven people associated with Tablighi Jamaat were booked for hiding travel history.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Police Control Room, Kashmir, has directed the commandant of 10th Battalion of the Sashastra Seema Bal, guarding the Mayor, to put the men in isolation. The action was initiated after the brother of the Mayor’s generator operator tested positive for the pandemic.

“The security personnel were deployed for escort duties for 10 days with the Mayor. There are chances of these security personnel having come in contact with the generator operator or any other officials from security or other departments who may be in contact with the said generator operator,” the order read.

Mr. Mattu, meanwhile, in a tweet, said, “I’m perfectly fine and healthy. The order issued by SSP Police Control Room is an exercise in caution. I haven’t come in contact with the said employee [whose brother has tested positive]. The employee hasn’t tested positive but has submitted himself for screening and testing”.

The Chairman, District Disaster Management Authority, Kathua, on Tuesday ordered to file a First Information Report against seven locals who belong to the Tablighi Jammat for hiding their travel history.

“These seven people have a travel history of Nizamuddin and were hiding the same. The drive has been intensified and all others not disclosing their travel history will be booked soon,” said an official.

News Source: The Hindu


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