As reports of people violating the lockdown norms continue to emerge from many parts of the country, two school students in Jammu, Saibaa and Saisha Gupta, have taken upon themselves to create awareness in the society about the importance of social distancing amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Saibaa and Saisha are twin sisters studying in Jammu’s Presentation Convent School. The two teenagers recently composed a song on coronavirus which went viral on social media.

In their song, Saibaa and Saisha Gupta asked people to adhere to the lockdown norms and maintain social distancing to defeat the new coronavirus.


“After understanding the gravity of the situation, we decided to do our bit to generate awareness about coronavirus. People should not panic. They must cooperate with the government and take all necessary precautions as suggested by the health officials to prevent the spread of the virus. People must wash their hands frequently. Instead of shaking hands, people must greet each other by saying namaste”, said the two sisters while speaking to India Today.

They also urged people to fully obey the lockdown rules and not take this pandemic lightly. “Many people are violating lockdown rules. It is very unfortunate. People should avoid going out. They must stay at their homes. We appeal to them that they must fully cooperate with the authorities in order to contain this pandemic”, said Saibaa while appreciating the steps taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Echoing her sister, Saisha also asked people to understand the importance of social distancing. “Those venturing out of their homes for no reason are not only risking their own lives, but also of their families”, said Saisha.

The two school students, who recently appeared for 10th standard board exams, had earlier made many plans for their post-exams vacations. But they had to shelve their plans. So, they chose to use their brilliant singing skills for a great cause.

The two girls, whose both parents are doctors, also composed another song in which they expressed their gratitude to the doctors and health workers for their phenomenal work during this difficult time.

Saibaa and Saisha Gupta also expressed concern over the recent incidents of attacks on health workers. “Doctors and health workers are doing a great service to the nation. It’s very appalling to see attacks taking place on health workers. Doctors and health workers are no less than god for the people right now. We all must appreciate and salute them for their work”, said Saibaa and Saisha while speaking to India Today TV.

News Source: India Today


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