Irfan Khan's six must-see films on the fourth anniversary of his death.

Irfan Khan’s six must-see films on the 4th anniversary of his death

29-April-2024, Mon.

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Irfan Khan’s passing, a loss deeply felt by cinephiles worldwide. But his brilliance remains, etched in celluloid through a career that defied boundaries. To honor his legacy, here are six films showcasing the unparalleled talent of this cinematic giant:

  1. Lunchbox (2013): This heartwarming drama unfolds through the unlikely connection between Ila (Nimrat Kaur) and Sajan (Irfan Khan), who share a mistaken lunchbox delivery. The beauty lies in the unspoken emotions exchanged through notes left within the lunchbox, showcasing Khan’s mastery of conveying depth with minimal dialogue.
  2. Paan Singh Tomar (2012): Khan takes a dramatic turn in this biographical film. He portrays Paan Singh Tomar, a legendary athlete who turned to a life of crime. Khan flawlessly embodies the complexities of a man pushed to the edge, showcasing his range and intensity.
  3. Life in a Metro (2007): Khan shines in this multi-starrer depicting the complexities of urban relationships. He plays a frustrated ad executive trapped in a loveless marriage, showcasing his ability to portray relatable characters grappling with everyday struggles.
  4. The Namesake (2006): Based on Jhumpa Lahiri’s acclaimed novel, this Mira Nair film explores the immigrant experience. Khan delivers a nuanced performance as Ashoke Ganguli, an introspective father caught between his cultural heritage and his American life.
  5. Maqbool (2003): Vishal Bhardwaj’s adaptation of Macbeth gets a stunning Indian reimagining. Khan mesmerizes as Miyan Maqbool, a man consumed by ambition. This film is a testament to Khan’s ability to excel in Shakespearean adaptations.
  6. Hindi Medium (2017): Social commentary meets humor in this delightful film. Khan portrays a wealthy businessman who enrolls his daughter in a prestigious English-medium school, only to face the harsh realities of India’s educational system. His portrayal is both comedic and thought-provoking.

These are just a taste of Irfan Khan’s remarkable filmography. Each film represents a facet of his brilliance, reminding us why he is irreplaceable. So, on this anniversary, let’s celebrate his legacy by revisiting his work and cherishing the unforgettable characters he brought to life.

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