Saiyami Kher and Pavail Gulati are set to reunite.

06-05-2024, Mon.

Yes, Saiyami Kher and Pavail Gulati are set to reunite on the second season of Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s “Faadu.” The buzz surrounding their potential reunion has been fueled by multiple sources, indicating a high likelihood of their collaboration in the upcoming season.

Pavail Gulati, who gained acclaim for his role in the first season of “Faadu,” is expected to return to the screen alongside Saiyami Kher and the director, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. The chemistry between Pavail and Saiyami was a highlight of the first season, and industry insiders are enthusiastic about exploring their dynamic further in the sequel.

The success of the first season of “Faadu” has generated significant anticipation for the sequel, with fans eagerly awaiting news of the continuation of the series. Pavail Gulati’s portrayal of ‘Abhay’ in the initial season was well-received, contributing to the excitement surrounding his potential return for the second installment.

While Pavail has not confirmed his involvement in the sequel, his positive remarks about collaborating with Saiyami and Ashwiny again suggest a strong possibility of their reunion on screen.


The series has been a pivotal moment in Gulati’s career, and the prospect of reuniting with the talented cast and crew is promising for the future of “Faadu”. As discussions about the second season gain momentum, the industry is buzzing with speculation about the direction the storyline will take and the potential for another thrilling chapter in the series.

The chemistry and success of the cast in the first season have set the stage for an exciting continuation, with fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation of Pavail Gulati’s involvement in the sequel and the reunion of the stellar team for “Faadu 2.”

The anticipation and excitement surrounding the potential reunion of Saiyami Kher and Pavail Gulati in the second season of “Faadu” highlight the significant interest and expectations surrounding this highly anticipated sequel.

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