Assam: Arrests two alleged terrorists from Bangladesh

Assam: Arrests two alleged terrorists from Bangladesh.

14-05-2024, Tues.

Assam police arrested two alleged terrorists from Bangladesh at Guwahati Railway Station on Monday. The arrested individuals have been identified as Bahar Mia and Rachel Mia. According to the police, the duo is suspected to be part of the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT), a banned terrorist organization based in Bangladesh. 

They had come from Gujarat and were on their way to Silchar when they were apprehended. The arrests were made by the Special Branch of Assam Police based on credible intelligence inputs. The two alleged terrorists are currently in the custody of the Special Branch for further interrogation. Last year, former Assam Director General of Police (DGP) Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta had stated that police had busted nine ABT modules and arrested 53 operatives in the state. He also mentioned that evidence of radicalization had been found in some madrassas (Islamic schools) in Assam.


The arrests of Bahar Mia and Rachel Mia highlight the ongoing efforts by Assam Police to combat the threat of terrorism and prevent the infiltration of suspected terrorists from neighboring countries. The state has been on high alert due to the presence of various insurgent groups and the possibility of cross-border terrorist activities.


The apprehension of these two alleged terrorists is a significant achievement for the Assam Police in their fight against terrorism. It also underscores the importance of intelligence-sharing and coordination among law enforcement agencies to tackle the menace of terrorism effectively.

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