After the USA upsets Pakistan, Kamran Akmal calls it the "biggest insult for...".

After the USA upsets Pakistan, Kamran Akmal calls it the “biggest insult for…”.

07-Jun-2024, Fri.

After the USA’s historic upset over Pakistan in cricket, former cricketer Kamran Akmal expressed his disappointment and frustration with the team. In a recent statement, he labeled the defeat as the “biggest insult” for Pakistan. 

This strong reaction from Akmal highlights the magnitude of the loss and the sense of disappointment it has caused among fans and former players alike. Akmal’s criticism of the team is not new, as he has been vocal about his dissatisfaction with the team’s management and performance in the past. In a video posted on YouTube, he emphasized that the team’s poor performance is a result of poor management, not just individual player failures. 


This sentiment was echoed in another video where he criticized the team’s captain, Babar Azam, and the team’s overall performance. Akmal’s criticism of the team’s management is not without merit. The team’s recent performance has been underwhelming, and many have questioned the team’s selection and strategy. The loss to the USA was particularly surprising, as Pakistan was expected to dominate the match. The defeat has sparked widespread criticism and debate about the team’s future and the need for significant changes to improve their performance.


In summary, Kamran Akmal’s statement that the USA’s upset over Pakistan is the “biggest insult” for the team reflects the depth of disappointment and frustration among fans and former players. His criticism of the team’s management and performance is a call to action for the team to re-evaluate their strategy and make necessary changes to improve their chances of success in future matches.


Kamran Akmal called the USA’s upset victory over Pakistan the “biggest insult” for the team, citing the team’s poor performance and management as the main reasons. He has been critical of the team’s management and selection decisions in the past, arguing that the team’s failures are not solely due to individual player shortcomings but also a result of poor leadership and strategy.

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