Nine naval boats and thirteen military aircraft from China are spotted close to Taiwan's borders.

Taiwan detect 9 naval boats and 13 military aircraft from China are spotted.

12-Jun-2024, Wed.

Nine naval boats and thirteen military aircraft from China were spotted near Taiwan’s borders, further escalating tensions in the region. This development is part of a larger pattern of increased Chinese military activity around Taiwan, which has been ongoing since the swearing-in of Taiwan’s new president, Lai Ching-te.

On May 28, Taiwan detected 21 Chinese military aircraft and 15 naval vessels operating near its territory. This was followed by another incident on June 6-7, where Taiwan spotted 13 Chinese military aircraft and 9 naval vessels around the nation. The recent sightings include 26 Chinese fighter aircraft and 10 naval ships detected on June 5, and 7 Chinese naval ships and 2 military aircraft detected between June 2 and 3. Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence has been tracking Chinese military activity closely, with the island’s military responding by deploying aircraft, naval ships, and coastal missile systems to monitor the situation.


The increased Chinese presence is seen as a form of “grey zone warfare,” where China uses military drills and naval vessels to pressure Taiwan without crossing the threshold of direct military action. The Chinese military exercises are seen as a response to Taiwan’s new leadership and its assertions of independence. China considers Taiwan a renegade province that must be reunified under its control, and it has repeatedly expressed intentions to do so, even if by force. The US has been supporting Taiwan in its standoff with China, with US lawmakers visiting the island and reaffirming Washington’s commitment to its security. However, the extent to which the US can protect Taiwan remains uncertain, as China’s military capabilities continue to grow and its influence in the region expands.


Overall, the recent sightings of Chinese naval boats and military aircraft near Taiwan’s borders highlight the ongoing tensions between Taiwan and China. The situation remains volatile, with both sides engaged in a delicate dance of military posturing and diplomatic maneuvering.

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