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UNCTD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development): the economy of India will grow by 6.5 percent in 2024.

19-April-2024, Fri.

While there aren’t always daily headlines about UNCTAD (The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), they are actively working on various initiatives. Here’s a glimpse into some of their recent activities (as of April 19, 2024):

Focus on the Global Trade Landscape:

  • Impact of Geopolitical Tensions: UNCTAD has been analyzing the disruption caused by the ongoing geopolitical tensions on global trade flows, commodity prices, and investment. They’re expected to release a report soon highlighting the impact on developing countries and suggesting policy responses [UNCTAD website].
  • The Trade and Development Report 2024:This flagship report, due later this year, will likely address the theme of navigating the complex global trade environment in the face of multiple crises.

Building Resilience for Developing Countries:

  • Debt Relief and Financial Support:UNCTAD is actively advocating for increased debt relief and financial support for developing countries facing economic hardship due to the pandemic and the current global situation.
  • Promoting Sustainable Investment:UNCTAD emphasizes the importance of attracting foreign direct investment that aligns with sustainable development goals, particularly in developing nations.

Focus on Specific Sectors:

  • E-commerce and Digital Trade:UNCTAD is working on establishing a framework for regulating e-commerce activities to ensure fair and inclusive participation of developing countries in the digital economy.
  • The Future of Work:UNCTAD is analyzing the impact of automation and technological advancements on the future of work, particularly in developing economies. They’re likely to propose strategies to ensure inclusive and sustainable development in this area.

Ongoing Initiatives:

  • Investment Policy Reviews:UNCTAD conducts regular reviews of investment policies in developing countries to identify areas for improvement and attract responsible foreign investment.
  • Technical Assistance Programs:UNCTAD provides technical assistance programs to developing countries to help them build capacity in trade policy, trade negotiations, and trade facilitation.

How to Stay Updated:

  • UNCTAD website: The UNCTAD website ( is a valuable resource for the latest news, reports, and publications. They also have a news section with press releases and announcements.
  • UNCTAD social media: Follow UNCTAD on social media platforms like Twitter (@UNCTAD) for regular updates on their activities and events.

Looking Forward:

UNCTAD’s work plays a crucial role in promoting a fair and equitable global trading system, particularly for developing countries. As the global landscape continues to shift, UNCTAD is likely to remain at the forefront of analyzing these changes and advocating for policies that promote sustainable and inclusive development for all.

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