Mumbai Customs seizes gold valued at Rs. 5.71 crore.

Over three days, Mumbai Customs seizes gold valued at Rs. 5.71 crore.

20-april-2024, Sat.

Mumbai Customs Net Big Gold Haul at Airport

In a recent development, Mumbai Customs officials intercepted a significant attempt to smuggle gold through the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. The exact date of the seizure is unavailable at this moment, but news reports suggest it happened fairly recently.

Details about the seizure vary slightly across sources. According to The Economic Times, customs officers apprehended a group of nine Kenyan women carrying a collective 18 kilograms (nearly 40 pounds) of gold. The estimated value of the seized gold is pegged around ₹10 crore (approximately $1.2 million).

The report further states that the women created a commotion at the airport, possibly in an attempt to divert attention from the smuggled goods. Details regarding the concealment method or how the authorities identified the women are yet to be revealed.

It’s important to note that this might not be the most recent seizure. There’s another report from The Economic Times, dated March 8, 2024, which details the confiscation of 2.8 kilograms (around 6 pounds) of gold at the same airport.

While the exact details of the latest seizure are still emerging, it highlights the constant vigilance exercised by Mumbai Customs in curbing gold smuggling. India has strict regulations on gold imports, and attempting to bypass these regulations can lead to significant penalties.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Quantity:18 kilograms of gold (according to latest reports)
  • Estimated Value:₹10 crore (approximately $1.2 million)
  • Location: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai
  • Suspects: Group of nine Kenyan women (reportedly)

Further details about the specific date of the seizure, the concealment method employed, and any arrests made are likely to be revealed in upcoming news reports. You can stay updated by following news outlets like The Economic Times or searching online for “Mumbai Customs gold seizure.”

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