Shekhar Suman on collaborating on the web series

Shekhar Suman is collaborating on the web series.

30-04-2024, Tue.

Veteran actor Shekhar Suman recently expressed his delight at being part of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming web series, “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar.” In a candid interview, Suman revealed that the opportunity came as a complete surprise.

“Heeramandi came to me when I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Suman said. “As an artist, of course, you dream of working with such renowned directors. But with every project, every path you take, there’s always something new to learn. And working with a filmmaker like Bhansali is like climbing several steps at once.”

Suman harbored a long-standing desire to collaborate with Bhansali. He even reportedly missed out on a role in Bhansali’s iconic film “Devdas” earlier in his career. However, with “Heeramandi,” the wait seems to have been well worth it.

“Even being in one scene of this grand production would have been enough for me,” Suman confessed. “To be a part of this world Bhansali has created, to contribute in some way, is a huge thing in itself. But the connection doesn’t end there. The opportunity came at a time when I least expected it, making it even more special.”

The interview also shed light on Suman’s experience working with Bhansali, known for his meticulousness and demanding nature. Suman, however, seemed unfazed, even going so far as to defend the director’s intensity.

“There’s a great feeling when two actors from the same house (referring to himself and his son Adhyayan, also part of the cast) get to work together,” Suman said, hinting at a possible on-screen collaboration with his son. “I was observing Bhansali from three different perspectives – as an actor, a viewer, and a father witnessing his son work with such a maestro.”

“Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar,” set against the backdrop of India’s freedom struggle in the 1940s, promises to be a visually stunning saga. Suman’s participation in this highly anticipated project, alongside a stellar cast, adds another layer of intrigue to the series. With his infectious enthusiasm and seasoned talent, Suman seems poised to deliver a memorable performance under Bhansali’s masterful direction.

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