Sussanne Khan wishes for nothing but love on her son Hridhaan's birthday.

Sussanne Khan wishes for love on her son Hridhaan’s birthday.

01-05-2024, Wed.

Sussanne Khan, her social media activity offers some insights:

  • Birthday Wishes for Hridhaan: Based on your previous prompt, it seems you might already be aware that Sussanne recently shared a heartfelt message on social media for her son Hridhaan’s birthday. This highlights her close relationship with her children.
  • Focus on Design: Sussanne Khan is a successful interior designer and her social media presence reflects that. She might be sharing glimpses of ongoing projects or design inspiration. You could check her profiles for updates on her design work.
  • Maintaining Friendly Ties with Ex-Husband: Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan, despite their divorce, have maintained a cordial relationship. They are often seen together for events related to their sons.

Here’s how to find the latest on Sussanne Khan:

  • Social Media: Follow her on Instagram or other platforms for updates directly from her.
  • Entertainment News Websites: Look for reputable entertainment news websites that might cover her design projects, social media posts, or public appearances.

Since there aren’t any major headlines surrounding Sussanne Khan at the moment, focusing on her design career or social media activity could be a good way to stay updated.

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