The Origins Of Our Civilizational Identity.

Bharat Varsha, “The Origins of Our Civilizational Identity.”

02-05-2024, Thurs.

The 9th Prof. Sarat Mahanta Memorial Lecture was held in Guwahati, India, exploring the topic “Bharat Varsha: The Origins of Our Civilizational Identity.” This event aimed to shed light on the foundational elements that shaped India’s cultural heritage and its lasting influence on contemporary society.

Economist Sanjeev Sanyal, known for his contributions to both economics and history, delivered the keynote address. His insights likely focused on tracing the historical roots of what defines India as a civilization, moving beyond just the political entity. This could have involved exploring aspects like shared philosophies, traditions, and social structures that have endured over time.

The lecture aimed to spark a deeper understanding of how India’s past continues to shape its present. It was likely a valuable opportunity for attendees to gain a fresh perspective on national identity and its enduring legacy.

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