"Teamwork makes the dream work," says Alia Bhatt.

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” says Alia Bhatt.

08-05-2024, Wed.

Alia Bhatt, the renowned Bollywood actress, recently graced the Met Gala 2024 with a stunning look that captivated many. Her appearance at the prestigious event was not just about fashion but also highlighted the essence of teamwork and collaboration. Alia shared a behind-the-scenes moment from the Met Gala, where she was seen flashing her brightest smile alongside her team.


In a heartwarming caption accompanying the image, she expressed, “Teamwork Mets the dream work.” This simple yet profound statement encapsulates the power of unity and collective effort in achieving success and realizing dreams. The meticulous effort and dedication that went into creating Alia’s Met Gala look are truly remarkable. It took a staggering 1905 man-hours and involved 163 craftsmen to bring her ensemble to life. This intricate process underscores the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that contributed to making her appearance at the Met Gala a standout moment.


Alia’s gratitude towards her team for their collaboration in crafting the ‘Garden of Time’ theme reflects the importance she places on teamwork in achieving excellence. Alia Bhatt’s Met Gala look not only left the audience in awe but also garnered admiration from her peers and fans. Soni Razdan, Neetu Kapoor, Janhvi, and others were awestruck by her appearance, further emphasizing the impact of her ensemble and the message of teamwork she conveyed through her BTS moment. The image shared by Alia resonated with netizens, sparking conversations and admiration for the collaborative effort that brought her Met Gala look to life.


In an inside picture with designer Sabyasachi and her team, Alia Bhatt showcased the camaraderie and unity that underpinned the creation of her Met Gala ensemble. The theme of ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ echoed throughout her Met Gala journey, highlighting the significance of working together towards a common goal.


Alia’s presence at the Met Gala, coupled with her emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, serves as a testament to the power of unity in achieving extraordinary feats and realizing dreams on a global platform like the Met Gala.

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