Instabase: A leading AI company in Silicon Valley Appoints Deepak Sharma to Advisory Board to Drive Expansion in India.

Instabase, an AI company, has set its sights on India.

22-May-2024, Wed.

Instabase, a leading AI company in Silicon Valley, appoints Deepak Sharma to its advisory board to drive expansion in India.

Instabase, a prominent Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) company, has set its sights on India. To spearhead this ambitious expansion, they’ve appointed Deepak Sharma to their advisory board. This strategic move was announced on May 23rd, 2024.


Instabase is a frontrunner in transforming unstructured data – information not neatly organized in databases – into valuable insights that can be acted upon immediately.


Their AI Hub empowers organizations to unlock the potential of this data, automate critical tasks, and make quicker, more informed decisions.


Deepak Sharma’s experience and network will be instrumental in guiding Instabase’s Indian foray. He will leverage his connections to foster partnerships with IT integrators based in India.

Sharma himself expressed his enthusiasm about the role, highlighting the vast potential for digital innovation in India.

  • Focus on India: Instabase, a leading Silicon Valley AI company, recently announced their expansion plans for India. This signifies their interest in the vast potential of the Indian market.
  • AI Expertise: Instabase specializes in transforming unstructured data, like emails and documents, into usable insights for businesses. Their AI Hub helps organizations automate tasks and make data-driven decisions.
  • Deepak Sharma Appointed: To spearhead this expansion, Instabase appointed Deepak Sharma to their advisory board. Announced on May 23rd, 2024, Sharma’s experience and network will be crucial for forging partnerships with Indian IT integrators.
  • Growth Strategy: The details of Instabase’s India strategy are yet to be revealed, but Sharma’s appointment suggests partnerships will be key for establishing their presence and navigating the Indian market.

Overall, Instabase’s move to India signifies the growing importance of AI in business and India’s potential as a major player in this field.

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