Pijush Hazarika, the minister for Assam, said that "15–20 km of embankments will be constructed in flood-hit Karimganj district."

Embankments will be constructed in flood-hit Karimganj District.

24-Jun-2024, Mon.

June 24,  Karimganj (Assam) : Pijush Hazarika, the minister of water resources for Assam, visited Karimganj, which was devastated by flooding, and assessed the situation there.Pijush Hazarika convened a review meeting at the district commissioner’s office on Sunday in his capacity as the district’s guardian minister.

The minister talked about the issues with flooding and the actions that need to be taken to control it while assessing the efforts and advancements made by each department.
In the beginning, the district will see the construction of 15-20 km of embankments. In this regard, I gave the Water Resources Department instructions to do research and create a suitable plan,” Pijush Hazarika stated.

There were also talks about providing food, housing, and medical care for the victims.
The minister requested that all services be regularly provided to the flood victims by the departmental authorities.

Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) flood report states that 111184 persons in the district are still affected by the flood.

In addition to seriously harming about 6,000 people in the Nagaon district, the Assamese floods also drowned 1,089 hectares of cropland and 35 villages under the Kampur and Raha revenue circles.
Many residents in the Changchaki neighborhood, which is part of the Kampur revenue circle, were forced to evacuate their homes as floodwaters got inside of them.

A number of the embankments have washed away, and the Changchaki-Kawaimari connecting road has flooded.

The Kopili River’s water level is above the danger level, according to the Central Water Commission.
Numerous residents in the Changchaki, Kampur region are dealing with same issues.
The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) flood report states that the flooding affected around 3 lakh people across 19 districts.
In the Karimganj district alone, the impacted population exceeds 2.43 lakh.

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