About us

From day one, News Shots established itself as a news channel with a difference. Our growth has been fueled by a desire to meet the basic human need for knowledge and information, and we’ve done so by adhering to the principles of fact, integrity, efficiency, and pace. Our pursuit of excellence sees us constantly innovating, refining, and redesigning our products and services to meet the ever-increasing scope of demand for news, and information in an age of rapidly changing technologies.

Newshots will be dedicated to serving the public interest and upholding democratic principles. Apart from providing authoritative analysis and commentary, we hope to establish ourselves as a forum based on good old-fashioned reporting on topics of national and international significance and interest as our resources expand. Being online also requires engaging with digital media platforms to alter the way stories are told. When warranted, provide data and interactive maps, as well as video and audio as integral parts of the narrative structure.

When it comes to covering news, Newshots goes across the globe to bring news. News, culture, lifestyles, industry, sports, human-interest features, and social developmental issues are some of the major categories we cover for our viewers.