India's Largest Single-Stage Wastewater Treatment Plant

India’s largest single-stage wastewater treatment plant.

15-05-2024, Wed.

India’s largest single-stage wastewater treatment plant, automated by Schneider Electric, represents a cutting-edge solution for addressing the country’s wastewater management needs.


This state-of-the-art facility, equipped with advanced automation technologies, plays a crucial role in treating sewage to reuse/recycle quality standards, ensuring that the effluent meets stringent parameters such as Total Suspended Solids (TSS) below 10 mg/l, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) below 100 ppm, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) below 10 ppm, Total Nitrogen (TN) below 10 ppm, and Total Phosphorus (TP) below 2 ppm. Schneider Electric’s automation system optimizes the operation of the wastewater treatment plant, enhancing efficiency and reliability. By integrating sophisticated control mechanisms, such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and advanced monitoring tools, the plant can achieve a high level of automation, ensuring precise control over the treatment processes.


This automation not only streamlines operations but also contributes to reducing energy consumption and operational costs, making the plant more sustainable and cost-effective in the long run. The plant’s automation system, designed and implemented by Schneider Electric, enables real-time monitoring and management of critical parameters throughout the treatment process. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like PLCs, flow meters, and transmitters, the system ensures accurate control over various treatment stages, from preliminary to tertiary treatments.


This level of automation allows for efficient removal of contaminants, restoration of oxygen levels in treated water, and compliance with environmental standards.

Moreover, Schneider Electric’s automation solution for the wastewater treatment plant includes features like remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and energy optimization. These functionalities enhance the plant’s operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and contribute to sustainable water management practices. By automating key processes and integrating advanced control systems, Schneider Electric has played a pivotal role in ensuring the plant’s smooth operation and its ability to meet stringent regulatory requirements.


In conclusion, India’s largest single-stage wastewater treatment plant, automated by Schneider Electric, stands as a testament to the power of advanced automation technologies in revolutionizing wastewater treatment processes.

Through precise control, energy efficiency, and sustainable operation, this automated plant sets a new standard for wastewater management in India, showcasing the potential of automation in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable development.

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