Birthday Love: Kiara and Sidharth Shower Vicky Kaushal with Warm Wishes

Vicky Kaushal’s birthday post is shared by Kiara and Sidharth.

16-May-2024, Thurs.

Today, on Vicky Kaushal’s 36th birthday, social media was buzzing with warm wishes from fans and fellow celebrities. But it was his co-stars, the rumored couple Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra, who stole the show with their sweet birthday tributes.

Sidharth took a trip down memory lane, sharing a throwback picture from their coffee with Karan Season 7 appearance. The lighthearted image captured their camaraderie, and the caption read, “Happy Birthday, @vickykaushal09. Have a rocking year ahead! Big love and hug!” Their camaraderie on the popular chat show was a highlight for many viewers, solidifying their “Punjabi-Munde” (Punjabi boys) bond.


Kiara Advani, Vicky’s co-star in the upcoming film “Govinda Naam Mera,” took a more casual approach. Sharing a photo from the sets where they were both dressed in black, she wrote a friendly message on her Instagram stories, “@vickykaushal09 Happy Birthday Vicky. Shine bright, my friend.” The playful nickname and the message of encouragement showcased their easygoing friendship.


These gestures not only warmed Vicky’s fans but also fueled rumors about their off-screen connection. Vicky and Kiara have been spotted together on numerous occasions, and their undeniable chemistry in “Govinda Naam Mera” trailers has only intensified speculation about a possible romance.


Whether there’s truth to the rumors or not, their birthday wishes for Vicky portray a genuine bond and mutual respect within the industry. Vicky, known for his powerful performances, is surely receiving a ton of love on his special day.

Fans are eagerly waiting for “Govinda Naam Mera” to release, hoping to see their on-screen chemistry translate into a box-office success. Meanwhile, these birthday wishes add another layer to the intrigue surrounding Vicky Kaushal’s personal and professional life.

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