Noida: A speeding BMW slams into an e-rickshaw, killing two and injuring three.

A BMW slams into an e-rickshaw, killing two, three injured.

16-May-2024, Thurs.

A horrific accident unfolded in Noida on Wednesday, leaving a trail of grief and raising questions about road safety. A speeding BMW car rammed into an e-rickshaw near the Sector 93B police chowki. The immense force of the impact resulted in a devastating outcome – two individuals lost their lives, and three others sustained injuries.

The deceased have been identified as the e-rickshaw driver, Santosh Kumar, and a passenger, Hussain Ali. Witnesses reported that the BMW driver was exhibiting reckless behavior, driving at excessive speeds, and swerving erratically. The car even reportedly crossed onto the wrong side of the road before the fatal collision.


Adding to the tragedy, the BMW driver fled the scene after the accident, leaving the injured passengers to fend for themselves. The police are currently investigating the incident and trying to identify the culprit. CCTV footage from nearby societies is being examined in hopes of piecing together the events leading up to the crash.


This incident highlights the dangers of reckless driving. E-rickshaws, a common mode of transportation for many in Noida, offer minimal protection in case of accidents. Sadly, such incidents often leave the most vulnerable road users bearing the brunt of irresponsible driving.


The injured are receiving medical attention, but the physical and emotional scars of this event will likely stay with them for a long time. The families of the deceased are left grappling with immense loss.

The Noida Police have registered a case against the unknown driver for various charges, including rash driving, causing grievous hurt by endangering life, and death due to negligence. However, bringing the perpetrator to justice and holding them accountable won’t bring back the lives lost.


This tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to traffic rules and prioritizing safety on the roads. It’s a call to action for stricter enforcement of traffic regulations and promoting responsible driving habits to prevent such senseless tragedies in the future.

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