"Had a call from Gill," says Abhishek Sharma regarding the selection of the Team India.

“Had a call from Gill,” says Abhishek Sharma regarding the selection of the Team India.

03-Jul-2024, wed

The news of Abhishek Sharma’s maiden call-up to the Indian team sent a wave of excitement through the young cricketer. The phone buzzed, shattering the silence, and the name flashing on the screen confirmed his wildest dreams – it was Shubman Gill, the newly appointed captain for the Zimbabwe tour.

Abhishek, congratulations! So stoked to have you on board,” boomed Gill’s voice through the receiver. Abhishek, still processing the news, could only manage a surprised, “Thanks, Gill! Didn’t see that coming this soon.”

The call wasn’t a long one, but it was a moment Abhishek would cherish forever. It marked the official beginning of his journey with Team India. The weight of the national emblem and the roar of the crowd suddenly felt tangible.

This selection wasn’t a bolt from the blue. Abhishek had been on a tear. The just-concluded IPL season witnessed his explosive batting for the Sunrisers Hyderabad. He, alongside his opening partner Travis Head, had provided the team with a solid foundation in numerous matches. His tally of 484 runs, laced with blistering sixes and crisp boundaries, spoke volumes about his talent and temperament.

Abhishek’s rise mirrored the changing landscape of Indian cricket. The veterans were gracefully making way for a new generation, hungry to prove their mettle. This call-up wasn’t just a personal triumph; it symbolized the dawn of a fresh era in Indian cricket.

The upcoming series in Zimbabwe presented a golden opportunity for Abhishek. While there might be competition for the opening slot, the presence of Gill, a fellow youngster, as captain offered a sense of comfort. Perhaps, they could recreate the magic they witnessed from the opposing ends of the pitch during the IPL.


There were nerves, of course. Stepping onto the international stage is a different ball game altogether. But the call from Gill had instilled a surge of confidence in Abhishek. He knew he had the backing of his captain and the nation. With a newfound determination, Abhishek started visualizing himself in the Indian jersey, ready to take on the challenge and contribute to the team’s success. The journey had just begun, and the world was waiting to witness the rise of a new star.

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