Rajasthan government will examine recently created districts during Congress term.

Rajasthan govt. will examine recently created.

13-jun-2024, Thurs.

The Rajasthan government has constituted a cabinet sub-committee to review the current situation of 17 districts and three newly formed districts under the Congress tenure.


This move is significant as it aims to assess the effectiveness of the district reorganization process and identify areas for improvement. The committee will likely focus on evaluating the administrative, economic, and social implications of the new districts, particularly in terms of governance, infrastructure, and public services. The decision to review the newly formed districts is seen as a crucial step in ensuring that the district reorganization process aligns with the needs and expectations of the people. The committee will likely consider factors such as the distribution of resources, the impact on local governance, and the overall efficiency of the administrative setup. This review will also provide an opportunity to address any issues or concerns that have arisen since the formation of the new districts.


The review process is expected to be comprehensive, involving stakeholders from various sectors, including government officials, local leaders, and community representatives. The committee will likely gather data and insights from various sources, including reports from the field, public feedback, and expert opinions. This will enable the government to make informed decisions and take corrective measures to address any shortcomings or inefficiencies in the district reorganization process. The review of the newly formed districts is also seen as a strategic move by the Congress government ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections. By demonstrating its commitment to good governance and transparency, the government aims to bolster its image and build trust among the electorate. The review process will also provide an opportunity for the government to address any criticisms or concerns raised by opposition parties, such as the BJP, which have accused the government of making the district reorganization a “political move” to gain electoral advantage. Overall, the review of the newly formed districts under the Congress tenure is a critical step in ensuring that the district reorganization process is effective and beneficial for the people of Rajasthan.


The committee’s findings and recommendations will have significant implications for the future of governance in the state, and it is essential that the review process is thorough and transparent to ensure that the interests of all stakeholders are protected.

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